Vision for the Youth Ministry

We envision a dynamic youth ministry that engages, educates, and empowers young individuals to grow in their faith. We are dedicated to creating a safe and welcoming space where young people can explore their spirituality, build meaningful connections, and discover their unique gifts and talents for Christ.

Key Objectives:

  • Spiritual Growth: Commitment to nurturing the spiritual growth of our youth through the gospels, guiding them through the teachings of Jesus, and helping them develop a personal relationship with our Creator.
  • Community Engagement: Aiming to create a sense of community among the youth, encouraging teamwork, empathy, and support for one another.
  • Fun and Fellowship: We believe in the importance of joy and fellowship in the journey of faith. Expect exciting events, engaging activities, and opportunities for the youth to bond and have fun. Check out the event calendar here for more information.
  • Get Involved: If you’re a parent or a youth interested in getting involved, New Hope Church would love to connect with you! Feel free to reach out to Cassandra to get started.

Meet our Youth Director​

As the newly appointed Youth Director, Cassandra brings a passion for youth development, a heart for service, and a commitment to fostering a vibrant and inclusive youth community within our church through the Kingdom Kids program. Cassandra has 11 years of experience working with youth in various capacities.

She is committed to creating safe and fun environments where your kids are taught about the Bible through a relevant, age-appropriate curriculum. Her ultimate hope is to see a generation of children come to know Jesus as Lord and Savior by presenting the gospel in a fun and exciting way.

We Want Your Kids to Love Church


We bring kid-inspired fun to every service and classroom through energetic worship music, interactive games, and bright, friendly environments. Our team is made up of people who feel called to share the love of Jesus with kids, and every Sunday they help bring excitement and enjoyment to your child’s church experience.


Your child’s safety is incredibly important to us, and we are committed to a system that creates a safe environment. For this reason, our staff and volunteers in every service and classroom have completed a background check. Our entire team is thoroughly trained and immersed in a culture of safety and cleanliness with the wellbeing of your child in mind.


As a church, we are always investing in the next generation, and this starts with our children. From praying over them to sharing relevant Bible lessons, our goal is for each child to learn about the Bible and experience God’s presence weekly. Kingdom Kids is designed to teach your children about God's plan for salvation on their level so the entire family can discuss what they learned at church on the ride home!

How to To Register

Your child is important to us! On your first visit we need the below information entered into our Kingdom Kids Registry. This is then used for parent/guardian communications.